J. Tim O’Meara, Ph.D. Tim is a professional social scientist specializing in social and economic development in the Asia-Pacific region, having lived and worked in 12 countries of the Asia-Pacific region for over 10 years between 1979 and 2012.  He established a consulting business in 1999, carried out 30 project assignments as independent and sometimes Staff Consultant and Team Leader to ADB, World Bank, AusAID, NZAID, and UNDP in addition to other commercial clients (Ten World Bank, ADB and AusAID assignments have focused on road and associated infrastructure, electric power generation, solid waste management, climate change and sea level rise).  Tim acted as high-level technical advisor and monitoring and evaluations specialist to AusAID and NZAID on 4 projects over 8 years.  He has six years professional work experience in the waste management, waste-to-energy, and alternative energy industries as sales agent and Technical Sales Manager for an advanced thermal gasification technology company and subsequently as an independent consultant for international agencies and commercial clients.

Gordon Howell, P. Eng., Gordon will be responsible for the grid connection, SLCN micro-grid, energy audit and feasibility study, and implementation of solar technology.  Gordon has a BSc in electrical engineering (Alberta, 1975) and been exclusively working in the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry since 1983.  As managing partner with Howell Mayhew Engineering, his work has encompassed developing PV systems, consulting, performance measurement and analysis, standards development (International Electrotechnical Commission, Canadian Standards Association and Alberta Safety Codes Council task force) and public lectures (435 to date).  For the PV systems he provides complete development services including planning, economic analysis, design, equipment selection, all permits and grid-connection approvals, procurement and supply of equipment, selection and procurement of qualified experienced electrical installation contractors, commissioning and monitoring.  He has been involved in 121 PV projects in BC, Alberta, the Yukon and Northwest Territories.

Gordon has also worked with Alberta’s government, electricity regulators, utilities and municipalities to identify and eliminate barriers to grid connected solar-electric systems so that Alberta can be ready for wide-scale solar electricity.  He has successfully guided 54 solar and wind projects through the technical and legal interconnection approvals process.  He led the 23-member City of Edmonton Task Force that developed a report on the opportunities for using renewable energy within the City of Edmonton.

Michael Theroux, JDMT, Inc., Project Development, Integrated Thermo-chemical Conversion, Government Liaison

Michael is a retired California Registered Environmental Health Specialist with more than 35 years of diverse environmental planning and resource management, multiple use permitting and regulatory compliance experience.  He has served as coordinator for project development, feasibility analysis, facility siting, permitting, right-of-way acquisition, and utilities research for many large-scale, long term municipal, institutional and industrial projects.  He is dedicated to advancing resource recovery through the clean conversion of waste into renewable energy, fuels and bioproducts, and to the commercialization and vertical integration of advanced Conversion Technologies (CTs).

Developing and implementing a diverse, renewable, economical and environmentally sane national energy program at the local and regional levels are specific long-term personal goals.  Mr. Theroux maintains a proprietary global database of CTs and ancillary subsystems, along with the industries, agencies, institutions and associations pertinent to this industrial sector.  He has launched an industrial advocacy website,, to incite and inform the on-going public/private dialogue focused on conversion of waste for resource recovery.

Mr. Theroux is focused on providing clear guidance through the industrial and regulatory intricacies of waste management, resource recovery and implementation of distributed renewable energy generation.  He is proficient in state and federal regulatory pathway interpretation and development, multi-task integration and document preparation through permit application and approval.  Long-standing excellent relations with California’s regulatory community provides the inside understanding needed to avoid difficulties and streamline environmental quality compliance.  He has developed State and Congressional legislative relations, provided and organized Briefings, and engaged directly in the legislative process advancing key bills related to waste conversion and resource recovery.

Mr. Theroux served for five years as a technical and regulatory specialist on the Alternative Technology Advisory Subcommittee (2003-2008) to the Los Angeles County Integrated Waste Management Task Force, providing guidance throughout Phase I, Phase II and during development and planning of Phase III and IV of the Conversion Technology program for Southern California.  Services included global assessment of hundreds of advanced conversion technologies to determine efficacy of systems for ultra-clean, community-scaled conversion of municipal solid waste (especially post-recycling residuals) into energy, fuels and co-products.  Mr. Theroux assisted with development of technology assessment criteria, ranking procedures, and methods of comparison; provided regulatory path analysis and guidance; identified and assessed concurrent national and international programs and policies; provided guidance to defining the difference between “conversion” and “incineration”.

Eric “Rick” Halperin MBA, CPA Rick Halperin is a CPA registered in both California and Maryland and holds an MBA in Finance from the George Washington University as well as Bachelor’s degrees in Environmental Studies and Geography from the University of California in Santa Barbara.  He also holds Series 65 and Series 7 securities licenses.  Rick has over 30 years of experience in creating value for new and established cleantech enterprises, renewable energy projects, sustainability initiatives, and environmental organizations.

Rick began his career in the early 1980s worked with the University of California at Santa Barbara and the California Energy Commission to produce the first formal wind mapping of the State of California.  That effort also resulted in the first wind energy assessment of Point Conception, CA adjacent to Vandenberg Air Force Base.  He was selected in 1983 to the Operations Manager for one of the first wind farm installers in the Altamont Pass.  While attending George Washington University he served as a policy research analyst for the American Wind Energy Association in Washington DC during the organization’s infancy.  He was selected to participate in graduate fellowship at the Oxford Centre of Management Studies at Oxford University where his work was focused on exploring the solar photovoltaic market opportunities in Australia.  In 1987 after completing his CPA certification with Ernst & Whiney he was hired as the Nature Conservancy’s first Director of Internal Audit and later promoted to become its first Director of Finance and Planning.  He conducted the strategic conservation financial planning for several major land conservation, endowment, and sustainable development program in the United States, Central America, and South America.  In the late 1990’s he helped created and launch an internet company in conjunction with a major publishing company in New York focused on aggregating business opportunities for woman, minority, and small businesses.  It also included the earliest efforts to connect and grow Environmental Preferred Purchasing.  Rick used this knowledge of preferred procurement programs to help launch “GC Green” a “Veteran-Powered” certified woman, Native American, and Service Disabled Veteran owned company that delivers a comprehensive array of renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions.  Rick also served as a founder and CFO for an advanced renewable composite manufacturer which utilizes soy to make rigid polyurethane foam and led the efforts to explore options to develop an algae-based formulation.  This effort led to the Rick’s involvement in helping to form the Regional Algae Initiative to identify and promote commercialization strategies for San Diego and Imperial Valley.  He remains under contract to help provide capital advisory services to the Imperial Valley Economic Development Corporation with projects including anaerobic digesters for dairy applications and “energy cane” derived ethanol production. Rick also has worked extensively with developers of wood and agri-pellet facilities.  Finally, Rick has worked extensively with a number solar developers and integrators on markets including affordable housing and multi-family, commercial, and utility-scale projects with responsibility for identifying and developing projects and for securing tax and project-equity financing.




Richard W. von Langen, PE Mr. von Langen has over 39 years of experience in industrial wastewater treatment design, operation, and regulatory review.  His areas of expertise include design of industrial pretreatment systems; developing and implementing municipal pretreatment programs; developing waste minimization, pollution prevention plans and design of those facilities; and assistance with wastewater discharge permits and compliance negotiations.  In 1993, he began his own engineering consulting firm, which became the basis for forming CGvL Engineers, acquired by HDR in 2004.  After five years with HDR, Mr. von Langen again began his own firm serving industrial and municipal clients in his areas of expertise.

Joe Wong, CEO, Woodmere Nursery Ltd. Joe has invested 35 years in improving reforestation nursery production systems and growing quality reforestation seedlings.  He operates and manages Woodmere Nursery that he co-founded in 1985.  Joe is also involved in ecological restoration of disturbed sites in the mining, oil and gas sectors.  He is currently involved with working on generation of energy using biomass with several bio-energy companies.

Tim Vinge, BScF, RPF. Forester. Tim Vinge is a Professional Forester with a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from the University of Alberta and a Technical Diploma in Renewable Resources from Lethbridge Community College.  Tim worked for 25 years as a silviculture and planning forester for Canadian Forest Products Limited in the North Western Alberta.

Tim Bush, Gyro-Trac, Director of Sales. 14 years of experience with land clearance/mulching operations, sales, and management, both in Canada and US.

Weixing Tan, PhD, RPF. Weixing is the principal investigator of the Pollutants-to-Products Initiative, at the Centre for Research & Innovation, Grande Prairie Regional College.  He is a Postdoctoral Fellow, Plant Biology & Climate Changes, Canadian Forest Service, Ontario, Canada.  He holds a PhD, Ecophysiology/Wood Chemistry, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a MSc, Ecology, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, China, and a BSc, Forest Resources Management, Nanjing Forestry University, Nanjing, China.  His research has included Pollutants to Products, funded by NSERC, Effluents and hybrid poplar, funded by multiple stakeholders, Improving white spruce reforestation, funded by Alberta forest companies and AACTI, Microalgae and air pollutants, funded by NSERC, ConocoPhillips  & other companies,  Aspen pruning and field performance, funded by DMI Pulp Mill & Woodmere Nursery, and White Spruce physiology and field performance, funded by forest company MDFP.

Roger Willmott, CHP-Ventures, LTD. Roger has over 25 years of experience with technology design, marketing, funding, insurance, leasing and project development.  CHP-Ventures is a UK-based company that works with a worldwide suite of investors and Insurance underwriters, with primary focus within the biomass and clean-tech industries.

Glenn Rambach Glenn is currently a technical consultant in advanced energy systems, and has carried out advanced energy research since 1974.  Motivated by the need for energy independence and security and clean energy systems, his research has included diesel combustion systems, laser fusion, hydrogen production and storage, fuel cell system designs and integrated renewable energy systems using storage.  He developed optimization methods for design and operation of intermittent renewable energy systems where energy storage provides on-demand power.  His 5-kW wind-solar-hydrogen-fuel cell facility still operates at the University of Nevada, DRI in Reno.

Mr. Rambach has worked as a research engineer at Stanford University, Livermore National Laboratory, and the Desert Research Institute, Reno.  He was Director of Engineering at Texaco Ovonic Fuel Cells, Director of New Technology at Tenneco Automotive and fuel cell system advisor to the US Army Tank Automotive Command before becoming a consultant.  He is currently supporting an R&D company in the areas of hydrogen economics and synthetic hydrocarbon fuels. He conducted research on advanced power systems for transitional and long-term utility and transportation applications.  This is a best-technology approach to an evolving system of vehicles and infrastructure that will bring about new energy systems in the shortest time.  He has written numerous papers and given presentations on technical, policy and strategy issues for advanced energy devices, systems and marketing.  He has two solid oxide fuel cell patents, is the inventor of a high-pressure cryogenic hydrogen fuel tank and is a co-developer of the first x-ray laser. Mr Rambach received his BS in Aerospace Engineering from Cal Poly University and his MS in Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.

Mary-Rose de Valladares Mary-Rose de Valladares is the founder and principal of M.R.S. Enterprises, LLC, which manages the Secretariat for the International Energy Agency Hydrogen Implementing Agreement (IEA HIA).  M.R.S. provides management consulting, business/technology development and government relations services in energy and environment.  She has a substantial track record in clean technology and infrastructure.

Ms. de Valladares began her career as an Urban Planner, creating and managing a public-private partnership that revitalized the Nob Hill business district on historic Route 66.  As a developer, she built solar homes and wind & photovoltaic power systems for irrigation and residential applications in the American Southwest.  In the hydrogen, fuel cell and biofuel space, Ms. de Valladares was part of the team that founded Virent Energy Systems.  Virent is commercializing an innovative technology to transform soluble plant sugars into hydrocarbon molecules and hydrogen.

During her tenure at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Ms. de Valladares was responsible for integrating renewable energy and energy efficient technologies in the venues and Olympic Village at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta.

In addition to the International Energy Agency, M.R.S. clients include the Global Environmental Facility at the World Bank, the New York State Energy Development Authority (NYSERDA) and the U.S. Department of Energy, as well as other sovereign nations.  For DOE, Ms. de Valladares developed a multi-media curriculum called the Hydrogen Outreach Program for Energy (HOPE).

Ms. de Valladares holds an MBA in International Business from Georgetown University and an M.A. in an Urban Planning field. Proficient in several languages, she also has a Diplôme from the University of Paris at the Sorbonne.

Dave Konwinski Dave is the CEO of Onsite Power Systems, and the marketing, and business development director. He is responsible for establishing the corporation's business and research relationships with the California University systems.  He is also responsible for the majority of the corporation's strategic and business alliances, resulting in business, marketing and distribution agreements.  He has over 18 years of experience in business and marketing.  He is experienced as a business manager and marketing director working in the agriculture, financial and real estate development fields.  His entrepreneurial experience in the real estate and agricultural market has led to successful business ventures of his own.


* Full CV’s or Resumes available upon request