International Clean Energy Consulting, Inc. (ICE) is a California Benefit Corporation dedicated to the preservation of the environment and assisting in the global transition to cleaner and more sustainable forms of energy in a carbon-constrained world.

ICE utilizes a systems integration approach, exemplified by the Green Island Project (GIP) model proposed by ICE’s non-profit partner Eco Soul NPO.  The GIP envisions an integrated sustainable energy and waste infrastructure, from individual sites to municipal-scale, that incorporates proven and emerging technologies to reduce fossil fuel dependency, create jobs, close landfills, convert waste to energy and other commodities, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support sustainable community development, and anchor renewable energy systems.

ICE has developed a comprehensive team of industry professionals representing every aspect of clean, renewable energy, with an emphasis on conversion technologies (CT) including thermal conversion (pyrolysis and gasification) and anaerobic digesting (AD).  ICE also has technology partners in solar (PV and Thermal), algae and hydrogen.

ICE has also formed mutually supportive strategic alliances with a wide variety of industry and public partners which provides ICE with the necessary depth and breadth to realize its objectives and goals.

Alternative Clean Energy Solutions

International Clean Energy Consulting, Inc. (ICE) provides a wide range of services from consulting to full project development, finance and operation.

ICE has provided solutions and technologies from Grande Prairie Alberta to Tahiti over the previous 5 years and have utilized various levels of expertise from Engineers to Ecologists to provide unique and profitable return on investments for clients.

Eco Soul, NPO

Eco Soul is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization dedicated to the continuous development and refinement of an integrated model consisting of various energy inputs, conversion technologies, and energy and fuel inputs that may be configured to local demands at municipal scale.  New conversion technologies are added to the model as they meet technical and economic viability.  Eco Soul is the developer of the Green Island Program which forms the basis of ICE’s holistic, systems integration approach and philosophy.



Executive Team

Christopher Danch, Esq., Chief Legal Officer, has over 33 years of legal experience including the areas of strategic legal planning and consultation, business (litigation, transactional, reorganization, and organizational development), nonprofit organizations, environmental and natural resource management, international law, construction and real estate.  He has wide-ranging involvement in the nonprofit world in addition to legal representation, where he has served on numerous boards, and has co-founded and directed three nonprofits dedicated to youth, environmental education, and resource conservation.

Mark A. Porta a native of Canada, is ICE’s Canadian Director.  He has worked for the past 5 years as alternative energy manager on projects in installing Micro and Direct Generation projects for wind and solar as well as developing project briefs for Biomass and MSW waste to power solutions for Forestry, Agricultural, and Oil & Gas clients.  Mark has over 30 years of experience in a wide range of industries, including forestry, pulp and paper/sawmill operations, telecommunications, natural gas, agriculture equipment, construction and construction equipment, and alternative energy equipment installations.  He has over 20 years of direct experience as Sales Manager.

Mark’s business background gives him expertise in such key areas as feedstock supply chain development, co-generation, wind power, facilities construction, grid interconnection, alternative energy products and technologies, government relationships and sales.

Skip Staats is Chairman and co-founder of Eco Soul, Inc. (1993) a public benefit not-for-profit, which patented the world's first commercially available Unitized Regenerative PEM Fuel Cell (URFC) educational kit that demonstrates the central role hydrogen can play in remote distributed energy systems. Skip has been an active proponent of renewable hydrogen and is actively consulting with island communities to integrate the numerous renewable and conversion technologies that lend themselves to a renewable hydrogen infrastructure.